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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Been a while hasn't it?

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I have been busy with work, my teeth decided that they didn't want to live in my face anymore and a ton of other things that were way more important.

I found a key ingredient on Craigslist yesterday. A screen. Not just any screen but a screen that was made for the xbox. It was $20 bucks and thanks to Joel for being awesome I now have something to play with. I originally got ripped off at a local "electronics bouquet"... Which was more like Armenian Gypsies, traveling from city to city ripping people off. I bought an 8" screen from one of them for $100 and as soon as I got home I found the exact same thing in a 9.2" on NewEgg for 59 bucks.

Oh well. The first screen was 12v BUT drew too many amps to run like I wanted it to. Since then I have mounted it to my desk and is now a permanent part of my "battle station"... Basically it's only there for XBMC...

Soooo... Now that I have a new toy, not as many crazy ass hours at work, a clear mind and new teeth, I can focus on this project and once and for all, finish it. In a bout a week or so, I'll be starting to tear this down ad see what I can really do with it.

Thanks for being patient.
Thanks for sticking in there with me.
The worlds first "classic" xbox laptop will prevail ;)