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Monday, April 2, 2012

Xbox EA Xbox Live Thanks Edition

Units Available: 500 (not confirmed)
Retail Price: Not For Sale

The information on the Electronic Arts Xbox is hard to come by. I believe the console was given to members of the EA team as a present from Microsoft for their work on Xbox Live. It is a white console with EA branding in blue on the top right corner of the front of the console, the jewel badge is black with the normal xbox text in white but it also has the text "Xbox Live" below it in the Xbox Live style orange. The two white controller S it came with also had a special jewel badge, with the EA logo on it. I have been told that production was limited to 500 units but the rarity of this item makes me doubt that. It reportedly came with normal Xbox packaging, yet this is totally unconfirmed.

An unboxed EA Xbox Live Edition appeared on eBay around February 12th, 2009 and sold for just over $600



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