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Thursday, April 12, 2012

eBay ALERT: 04-12-2012 Launch Team Edition!!

As of 2:56 a.m. EST there is a Launch Team Edition on eBay. $255.00 with 7 bids. The seller is "SeattleGoodWill". SEE HERE!

The Seller, "SeattleGoodWill" is the online version of the actual Good Will thrift store. That tells me that someone actually donated this Launch Team Edition to them. WOW! One of the rarest xbox consoles ever made and it shows up on the doorstep of a thrift store. I use to live in Seattle in '00 - '01 and visited that thrift store weekly. Hell, I even dumpster dived them for warm clothes in the winter...

I have not looked through the sellers other items for sale but a quick look on their front page will tell you that they're a good store for retro gamers.

I am not promoting them in any way, shape or form... I'm only pointing out that a freaking Launch Team Edition mades it's happy ass to a thrift store and is being sold (at the time of this writing) for ridiculously cheap. Only if I hadn't bought that Mountain Dew Edition last week, I would be bidding on this xbox myself!

After the end of auction, I will update you all with the final price.



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