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I will post links to other sites, blog and forums that fall into the modding category. I will do my best to stick to console modding, however, I may include links to modding supply stores, PC modding, other console modding, etc...

If you have a site, blog or forum that you would like me to link to, please feel free to use the contacts page. Please include "Let's Share Links" in the title or use the appropriate email link. If you contact me about link trading, please include my site in your links list or sidebar BEFORE you email me.

If you want me to promote your eBay store, that's okay too. We'll have to works something out in trade before hand, monitory or otherwise.

Xbox Scene (site)
Xbox Scene (forums)
Hackaday (site)
Hackaday (forums)

Redcl0ud's Site (XBCD)