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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TUTORIAL: Add a USB Port To Your Controller!

Every once in a while we need an extra USB port for our xbox's. Some of us just NEED a USB port period! There is ALWAYS A solution...

I originally did this mod because I need to get a gamesave to a thumb drive via the Pro Action Replay software on my PC and didn't have a memory unit. Since then, I have done this mod for a few people and they use it for a variety of things. Let's start!

First I started with an official Micro$oft controller.

I wanted to put the USB port in the upper, or top, memory card slot.

Locate and remove 7 phillips screws. #7 is usually under a sticker. In this example, the sticker was already removed.

Remove both pieces of the shell, the buttons, the rumble motors etc.. and set aside. you should be left with the naked controller PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Find your USB port and solder wires to each pin, about 1 - 1.5" long. In this example, I used standard colors harvested from a scrap piece of USB cable. You can also use scrap IDE cable for a cleaner look.

Orient your USB port in the memory card slot and thread the wires through the opening in the top.

Sorry for he blurry picture. Solder your wires to the memory card leads as follows:

For added protection (you really don't need it, but what the hell?) add a dab or line of hot glue to the top and bottom of the USB port leads to seal the connections.

While your adding hot glue to the under-side of the leads, add a good sized gob of hot glue to the port itself and stick it in place. REMEMBER, if you don't have something plugged in when you stick it, the hot glue will seep through the USB port holes and make it nearly impossible to insert anything in. You'll be digging out hot glue with tweasers or an x-acto knife, possibly damage the inner leads.

Add a little bit of hot glue to the inside of the casing and stick your wires to the gob. This will keep them in place and free from getting the way when you put your controller back together.

Put everything back together and you should have something that loos like this:

Now you are free to use any compatible USB device on your xbox. Remember that thumb drives are hit or miss as to which ones will actually be compatible. The xbox can not recognize anything over 4gb (unless you format it into 4gb partitions. EG: an 8gb thumb drive can be partitioned into 2 separate 4gb "drives" that the xbox will recognize as 2 separate drives). You can use this n your PC with the XBCD driver to transfer game saves... etc...

Since this project, I have had to resolder and reseat the USB port. Amanda likes to charge her phone while she plays games. The constant movement of the controller while a heavier cable is plugged in, knocked the hot glue free and broke one of the wires inside the controller. That's not to say that this mod lasted over a year before I had to repair it.

Have fun!

NOTE: This was a junk controller when I first started this project. Don't worry about the controller cable being frayed. I will make a tutorial on how to fix that and link it HERE at a later date. You may also notice that controller button "A" has an LED in it. That was just me testing out the concept and has been removed completely.



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