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Monetary Donation:

If you're feeling generous,
If you found any of my tutorials helpful in any way,
If you would like to see me embark on future projects,
If you're extremely rich and have a lot of money to blow,
Please... please feel free to:

Console or Accessory Donation

If you have an old xbox console or parts that you dont want anymore, you can donate them to us! Please feel free to use the contact page. Please include "I Want To Give You Stuff" in the title, or click the appropriate email link.

I Will Accept:
  • Controllers, s-type
  • Controllers, duke
  • Controllers, other
  • DVD playback kits (remote and receiver)
  • Cases, official or otherwise (XCM)
  • Mobo/HDD sets
  • Unlocked Hard drives
  • DVD drives
  • A/V Cables
  • P/E Boards
  • Controller Ports
  • or ANYTHING you think I might need or want
  • Even broken netbooks or laptops


If we end up hooking up and working out a deal, please... PLEASE don't send me a box full of critters. One time I got an xbox that had a live centipede in it. I have had roaches, mice, excrement, a lizard... you name it. I learned to open my eBay boxes outside after the Don't be a dick, don't send me bugs!