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Game Reviews!

This is where Team member, Amanda, and I (Josh) review games that we have played. If you would like to request a game to be reviewed, that fall into the categories below, please feel free to use the contact page to make said request.

Click here for Xbox Game Reviews!
Click here for 360 Game Reviews!

Every now and again, we will have guest reviews. The reason is because neither Amanda or I play first person shooter games. They make me dizzy. As for Amanda, they're just not her style. I will be asking a few of my friends to submit some reviews of some of their favorite games.

If you would like to submit a game review that falls into one or more of the categories above, please feel free to use the contact page located in the top navigation bar. When submitting a game review, please include "Team M0dz Game Review" in the subject line, or simply click the appropriate submission link.

Team M0dz