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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Error Codes: An In Depth Explanation

Original Xbox Error Codes Explained

For those of you that don't know or are not sure if or when you have seen an error, you will see an error during the normal boot up sequence. Instead of your booting the M$ dashboard or Hacked Dashboard (Evox, UnleashX, XBMC, etc.), there will be a message on the screen that says, "Your Xbox Requires Service" in several languages. A number will display in the upper left hand corner of the screen, this is your "error code". The error codes are listed below...

You will not see the bootldr error's because "when you see this" it is not entirely accurate, you never see the bootloader errors, as they are one that cause the reboot/FRAGs.You should never see a bootloadr error, since the bootloadr fails, the kernel doesn't boot and you see no message at all.

Error 00: No error.

Error 01: Bootldr - Unknown exactly, something to do with checking the motherboard

Error 02: Bootldr - Eeprom check failed. When you see this error most of the time you may have flashed something wrong. Also you may have dropped solder on your eeprom chips.

Error 03: Bootldr - Not used. There is little to no information on this error, if any at all.

Error 04: Bootldr - Ram check failed. Two possible scenarios for ram to fail: 1) Static. Ram is extremely sensitive so make sure you're grounded properly when you go poking around inside of your console. 2) Solder spillage. If you bridge ANY of the pins on your ram chips, you probably just killed them for good. It is possible to remove the solder, but highly unlikely that it will definitively fix the problem. Most people say "If you see an error 4, your xbox is dead. Sell or keep it for parts".

Error 05: Kernel - HDD not locked. When you upgrade to a larger hard drive, you, no doubt, use a new hard drive. When you put this hdd in your xbox and you try to boot with your chip off or try dropping it  in a soft modded console, it gives you error 5. Why? The retail hard drive is locked by the factory. If the hard drive is not locked, it would be extremely easy for hackers (us), to modify the contents of the console. It is a cheap security measure.

This locking process uses information that is on the motherboard. The "Lock" on an xbox hard drive contains information that is based on the hard drive itself as well as information that the motherboard is married to.

It has previously been speculated that you can only change the hard drives of "chipped" or TSOP flashed consoles and NOT softmodded consoles. In previous years people have been able to read and write to the eeprom and lock hard drives with, basically, any eeprom (or hard drive key). Cloning of consoles became possible.

So when does the error occur? 1) When your hard drive fails. 2) Your chip is turned off. 3) You're using a hard drive from a different console (incompatible hard drive) 4) You're trying to upgrade a softmodded console's hard drive with the wrong eeprom.bin.

Error 06: Kernel - Cannot unlock HDD. Basically, it means you are trying to boot up the xbox with a hard drive that is locked in combination with a different motherboard than you are using it with "right now". The eeprom on the motherboard does not match the HDD Key (eeprom.bin).

Error 07: Kernel - HDD timeout. More time than not, the IDE cable is not properly seated. Please check that the IDE cable is firmly seated, not only in the hard drive, but the DVD drive as well as the motherboard.

If you still have an error 7. Try another IDE cable. If that does not work, check that the jumpers on the back of the hard drive are set to "Cable Select". Again, that doesn't work, it is possible that the BCB of the hard drive has failed. It is, in fact, possible to replace the hard drives' PCB. (also works outside of the xbox world for recovering dead drives)

Error 08: Kernel - No HDD found. Please make sure your xbox hard drive is attached properly. (See above)

Error 09: Kernel - HDD parameters (PIO/DMA/or size {debug}, certain size minimum is required for debug) This is NOT a common error in "civilian" consoles. Owners of "Dev" and "Debug"  kits will see this error if something has gone wrong.

Error 10: Kernel - DVD timeout. This error is almost identical to errors 6, 7, and 8. Make sure the IDE cable is seated firmly into the back of the DVD drive as well as the motherboard.Make sure the yellow cable is seated firmly, and properly, into both the DVD drive as well as the motherboard.

If neither of those steps help, it is possible that a section of the IDE cable is bad OR the PCB of the DVD drive, or a portion of it, is bad. Just as stated before, it is, in fact, possible to replace the hard drives' PCB. (also works outside of the xbox world for recovering dead drives)

Error 11: Kernel - No DVD Found. Self explanatory. Follow the steps in Error 10. If nothing works, try a working, compatible, DVD drive.

Error 12: Kernel - DVD parameters (PIO/DMA). Same as Error 10, only not very common.

Error 13: Kernel - Dashboard launch FAIL (due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed. Basically, it means the there is an incompatible present. This happened a lot when people used the older "Slayer" disks. Try booting the console with a "post 5659" game. A good example would be Halo 2. IF the console boots the game, it will automatically update the dashboard to a "Live" compatible dash. Even though, Xbox Live was discontinued for original xbox in February 2007, it is still good practice to remove your console from the internet.

Error 14: Dashboard - Error loading dashboard (dashboard generic error) Same thing as Error 13. This time it is from you on changing names or having played around with files on the hard drive. Error 14 is most often because you changed boot orders or names of start-up files. It can also happen when you are rebuilding your hard drive with an auto installer disc and the power was cut.

Error 15: Not used. There is little to no information on this error, if any at all.

Error 16: Dashboard - Clock can not be set. Other files to do with dashboard / dashboard settings (specific dashboard error). Basically it comes down to this. Error 16 has to do with not finding the menu setting with which you can set the clock of the hdd. This happens to a lot of people that erase their hdd (original/upgraded) or MS dashboard files and after that they don't immediately install the hdd but leave the xbox without power longer than 5 hours.

It's all about the hard drive can't find the menu with which it can set the clock. This is mostly because the xbox hard drive is empty. The problem arises when xbox searches for menu to set clock with, can't find it and voila: Error 16.

Error 17: Not used. There is little to no information on this error, if any at all.

Error 18: Not used. There is little to no information on this error, if any at all.

Error 19: Not used. There is little to no information on this error, if any at all.

Error 20: Kernel - The dashboard was attempted to load and failed; It was a cold boot, and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed, but it (for some reason) needed to be noted that the dvd passed the challenge/response authentication.

Error 21: - anywhere - This error says that the machine was booted to display a error, basically someone told the machine to reboot (or launch a xbe) with this flag, and the error code just means its been rebooted by the flag.

This occurs frequently when the xbox is unable to boot due to dashboard changes being made (ie Gcue true blue has not been resigned, parts of the stock dash are missing - incomplete FTP backups copied to a new HDD for example). 

This information is a believed to be correct and should be as close as it gets. It has been compiled from several sources. Credit to original authors for bringing this information to light. Feel free to add to this if there are any mistakes or if you feel you would like to contribute to this post.




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