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Monday, December 3, 2012

Japanese S-Type Controller

Classic Style Japanese XBOX S-Type Controller 

We all know that when the original Xbox was released, it had huge controllers, sometimes referred to as "The Duke", or "The Potato". Microsoft released smaller controllers for the initial Japanese release of the xbox. Eventually these made their way to the US as the Xbox S Controller. What we have here is the Japanese controller that was issued prior to the release of the S controller in the US! So, it's very rare in the States and completely compatible with the NTSC Xbox console!

- These controllers are the exact same size as their American counterparts.
- As stated above, they are completely compatible with NTSC systems (it is unknown, at this time, whether they are compatible with PAL systems).
- The controller "Badge", or "Jewel",  is green and features the word "XBOX" rather than the american version which featured a black jewel with the "X" logo above the word "XBOX".
- The buttons appear to be "more clear" than their American counterparts. They are the same color but the white backing insert is significantly more shallow and further away from the actual letter (A, B, X Y).
- The cord, also, seems to be a lighter green hue, rather than their darker green or black American counterparts.

The back of the packaging.

Classic Style Japanese XBOX S-Type Controller
Close up of an "un-boxed" Japanese S-Type controller. 

Classic Style Japanese XBOX S-Type Controller
 A Japanese first issue S-Type controller in the real world. It looks to me like the owner of this controller has modified it to be used on a PC and still be compatible for use with a console.

This is a comparison with eh "Duke" and a Japanese S-Type controller.

It has been widely speculated there was a gray version of the Japanese S-Type controller. Not much information about this "speculated" controller exists today. However, I was able to dig up, once-and-for-all proof that they do, in fact, exist. There is no information as to how many were produced, or if they were issued with any particular console. I can only assume that they were sold separately as an accessory.

A loose gray version of the Japanese S-Type controller.

A packaged version of the "speculated" gray Japanese S-Type controller, proving that they do in face exist as an actual product of Microsoft, rather than a custom painted controller.




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