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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prototype Duke Controller (no jewel)

Original Xbox Mexican Prototype DUKE controller

Original Description: (Italian)
Prototipo Joypad Xbox

Prototipo del primo modello di controller per microsoft xbox soprannominato Duke.
Tra le varie differenze, un ingresso supplementare nella parte inferiore.

Translated Description: (English)
Prototype Xbox Joypad

Prototype of the first model controller for microsoft xbox nicknamed Duke.
Among the various differences, an additional inlet at the bottom.

Since this is the only photo of this particular prototype I can not comment on the alleged "inlet" or "port" on the bottom of the controller. If this is in fact an actual prototype and not a classic Italian knock-off, it's a semi-early to mid design prototype. The buttons are not colored and there is a sever lack of a jewel.

An early, and I mean EARLY prototype controller can be seen HERE sitting in front of the Alpha II.

Later prototype "Duke" controllers can be found HERE.

If you have any other information on the alleged "Italian Duke" Prototype Controller, please use the "Contact" page above and drop me a line.



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