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Sunday, December 5, 2010

About Me

Hello, My name is Joshua Lee. I have been modding xbox consoles for 7 years (since 2005). The very first mod I did was converting an xbox controller to be used on a PC for emulators. In reading how to do so, I learned that there was a whole new world out there... A community of people modifying their xbox's in ways that I never imagined. That was the beginning of the end for me.

I was reluctant, at first, to modify my console. I just paid $200 for my xbox used at EB Games in my local mall. I really didn't want to do something wrong and turn my DVD Player / stereo / game console into a $200 paper-weight. I had already had problems with having to return it because it wouldn't play games past the first level, or it wouldn't read disks etc... So I read.

The first mod that I did on my console was changing the LED's from green to blue. I remember that night... lol. I used 5mm LED's that I harvested out of a PC fan that I dremmeled down to fit. I didn't even have my own soldering iron back then, I was borrowing on from my mother. The next mod that I did was replacing the stock fan to an 80mm fan with blue LED's. I felt like such a bad ass, however, my console was still not "modded".

After fighting with myself in my head and reading page after page in forums, reading tutorial after tutorial, I came to the realization that I would not die if I screwed something up. I could always go buy another one. It might take me a minute to save the money, but by this time I had a friend at EB Games and their prices were dropping.

I didn't have money for a mod chip and to hell with trying to flash a TSOP. That was a foreign language to me! I decided to do a softmod via the hot swap method. The first time I did it was on a slower PC and it took FOREVER. I thought something was wrong so I turned everything off and YEAH, I screwed up. Luckily I was able to unlock the hard drive again, start the sequence all over again but this time I waited. And waited... and waited. Finally it was done and BAM, modded console. I felt like even more of a bad ass now.

That first soft mod that I did, 7 years ago, has taught me A LOT about computers. Back then I thought LimeWire was the coolest thing ever invented and I was altering the HTML on my MySpace page. Total n00b! Since then I have taught myself all about FTP, Linux, Networking, Skinning, TSOP flashing, hard drive partitioning, etc... You get the idea. Modding xbox's for me isn't just about playing games for free. It's more about pushing the limits and seeing what I can and can't do and the thrill of the hunt trying to find used and rare consoles.

At the time of this writing, I am still modifying xbox's. I have not dove into the 360 modding world because I have the same reservations about the 360 that I had about the original xbox 7 years ago. The only thing I haven't done to an xbox so far, again at the time of this writing, is install a mod chip. Hopefully that will change here in the near future due to a recent purchase on eBay.

I have had great support from my family and my current girlfriend, Amanda. She helps me test consoles, test games, build rom lists, gives me constructive criticism on skins and what not. She even want's to design and modify her own xbox one day. I would be more than happy to help her as I would love to help you too! Please enjoy my website. Use it to your advantage! If you find any bugs, misspellings or anything wrong, please let me know!



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