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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Past Projects: Decepticon Box

This is one of my past projects called "The Decepticon Box".

I posted the entire progress of this build on Xbox-Scene in 2009. Basically, it's a tricked out slim box with a Transformers Deceptacon theme.
Here are some pictures:
(all images will open in a new window or tab)

The first thing I did was add a USB port directly under the P/E buttons.

Then I removed the jewel, cut the jewel hole and cut the Deceptacon shape.

Then I sanded and painted the lid to look lik it "took damage".

My next step was to smooth out the left side of the face plate where ports 1 & 2 are suppose to be.

Next was the controller port re-build, the HDD indicator diffuser fins, the IR placement and the wiring.

Next was the fan bracket.

The hard drive mount... I had to lay down these caps, make this bracket to get it this close to the mobo's IDE socket.

Now to smooth out the right side of the face plate.

Then I destroyed it like Godzirra!!

Then... bigfoot came and I killed him, and we rode around on a magic carpet, then we got slurpee's, now were best friends, and we painted and finished the Deceptacon Box.

In the end all of the lights were purple and all of the navigation sounds were changed to sounds from the 80's cartoon. I gave it custom splash screens and custom emulator skins ALL to match Transformers or Deceptacon.

This project took me about 4 months working on it a few hours here and there.



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