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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

eBay Alert: Green European 1st Year Edition, GBP 0.99 + GBP 15.00, Auction Only

(The seller did not upload any pictures so I will use a stock image.)

This is a RARE treat! I bought one of these a few years back, on eBay, for $9.99 + $13.00 s&h. I basically got it for a steal. The thing is, the seller described it as a "green" xbox and not what it actually is... JUST LIKE THIS SELLER DID. When I got my 1 Year, it had been opened. I thought "Damnit! it probably doesn't work." When I opened it up it had a mod chip inside. Of course it didn't work, because it was PAL. I swapped out the PSU with an NTSC and BAM! It worked like a dream. I'm willing to bet that this seller doesn't know what they have and someone like you and me can get this for CHEAP! Unfortunately, however, it seems that theyre only offering shipping to Europe and local pick-up's. Maybe if you contact the seller they'll bend a little. With 6 days and 4 hours left (as of this writing) it's sure to reach a high price. I dont know about you, but I will be watching this item like a hawk. Maybe I can get another one... who knows. Click the link below to view the auction.
Xbox crystal green limited edition console with two matching controllers



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