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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

xbox Laptop - The very begining!

Some of you may know this to be my covenanted project, or my top secret project, but some may know this as "Project Buddha".

So far, all that I have revealed is that I need an LCD screen to pull this together. That's true. Some have speculated that I am building a portable. That's half true. I am going to build the worlds first xbox 1 laptop. Why? Because I want to and to the best of my knowledge nobody has done it before.

Last week, during the "eBay woes" fiasco I bought a ton of parts. Basically everything I needed to build this is one except a Pico PSU... Well, the parts started rolling in today so I expect to be starting pretty soon.

Parts List:
-1.1 motherboard
-4 port mini USB hub
-xbox DVD playback kit
-mini SDHC card reader
-2x Vantec IceBerq 4 fans
-pico PSU
-9" head rest monitor
-3x OEM empty black xbox cases
-60gb 2.5" Toshiba HDD
-2.5" IDE HDD adapter
-Stayers AID disk
-random and misc small connectors, screws, bits & bobs. Most of which I already have or I can get at a hardware store when the time comes(LED's USB ports, screws, nuts & bolts etc..). I also ordered a new tool kit to go along side this project. That should be here any day now.

Some of my tutorials are going to be directly descended from this project. I hope all of you like this. I hope to get more followers and what not. I hope I do not run into too many snags along the way.

Now... I'm off to soft mod this motherboard and possibly attempt my very first TSOP flash. Wish me luck folks!

Till next time,

P.S. Here are some pictures and sketches and what-not... to start you off.

This is the xbox I will be using:

These are what parts I have 'right now':

These are sketches of what I want her to look like:

This is Oliver from my comic "And My Axe":



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