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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Xbox Laptop - The Case (Pt.1)

First I started with a naked lower case. I used a hacksaw blade, wrapped at one end with electrical tape, to saw off the stand-off's at their base.

I saved the stand-off's and set them aside. I'll be using them later to re-build stand off's for the motherboard.

Next I used the hack saw blade and I started to cut the back plate of the case off flush with the bottom of the case. The trick here was to go SLOW and deliberate. I started at the fan "alcove". It was "raised" high enough to make slits on each side to get the hacksaw blade in. Once both slits were cut I slowly made my way to either end.

Here you can see the gap between the back plate and the bottom of the case.

I used a dremel on both sides of the rear face of the case to make slits. Then I used the hacksaw blade to make the final cuts.

I cut off a good sized (un-measured) chunk of the top off. I did this so I didn't have a whole lot to cut in the next step. I saved that piece because you never know...

Time to make the vertical cuts. This will release the back plate.

This is a mock up of how I wanted it to sit against the motherboard. Remember that the motherboard will be mounted up-side-down in the case. The tallest point of the mobo is 5/8. If you have seen teaser pictures you will notice that A LOT is yet to be cut off.

continued in Part 2...



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