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Friday, April 15, 2011

Xbox Laptop - The Motherboard (Pt. 2)

Now with he fans installed, I need to lay down the caps. I want the tallest point to be the fans themselves (5/8"). I started with the tallest cap, located near the bottom of the power socket. It was 1".

First I de-soldered it by heating up the points on the under side of the mobo. I heated up one side and rocked it to the other and vice-versa until it came loose (not pictured). Then I soldered in pins where the cap legs should be.

I layed the cap where I wanted it and ghetto-measured how much wire I would need for the leads. I used an old IDE cable. Then I wrapped it in heat shrink.

I soldered the other ends of the leads to the very bottom of the new legs, as close to the mobo as I possible could and clipped off the excess.

The reason I soldered in legs rather than soldering to the top pads of the mobo is because now I know that the legs have a solid, two point, connection. One on the bottom pads of the mobo and one on the top pads.

Next I moved on to the set of 3 caps on the lower left of the mobo.
I de-soldered them the with the same "rocking" method.

Again, I soldered in pins and laid the left and center cap right where they stood. Their silver tops pointing to the rear of the motherboard.

The right most cap in this set went a little differently... I didn't want have wires leading it elsewhere. I wanted to save space. I decided to lay it down at the "feet" of the left and center cap. I soldered in pins, but I bent and shaped them to accommodate the position. (the picture is slightly blurry, but you can see what I'm talking about)

I had to bend out the corresponding leg of the cap to accommodate it's position. Then I wrapped it in heat shrink and soldered it in. Pretty neat-o huh?

Next on my rampage of laying down caps was the damn 'ol clock cap. To my surprise, it was still good and functioning properly.

Last on this particular cap laying adventure was the tall one closest to the video socket. I didn't get very many good pictures of this one, but these two should speak volumes:

Continued in Part 3...



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