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Friday, April 15, 2011

Xbox Laptop - The Motherboard (Pt. 3)

Fan Headers!!!!

Once upon a time, I read that the second, GPU, fan header was live... there was just nothing there. I was right.

I de-soldered a fan header from my handy dandy donor / dead PC motherboard.

I soldered in pins, top and bottom to get a better connection.

I used an old IDE cable to make a "pigtail" with the fan header at one end. I soldered the other end to the very bottom of the corresponding pins.. as close as I could get it to the motherboard and clipped off the excess.

Now.. rather than cutting, re-soldering and wasting heat shrink I made a loop on the Iceberq cable and held it together with a small piece of heat shrink. Why did I do this? Because what if, someday.. God forbid.. this project goes south. Then I could take them off and use them is something else and have their original cable length intact.

The CPU Fan Header... when the fan is plugged in it is exactly 5/8 of an inch tall (not including the wires). I'm trying to go slim here guys... I laid it down (same as the caps) and did a similar cable management technique:

Continued in Part 4...



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