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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Xbox Laptop - The Motherboard (Pt.1)

A couple of days ago I got my Vantec Iceberq 4 Pro's in the mail from
Iceberq 4 Pro @

I removed the old, big, nasty stock aluminum heat sinks. Then I removed the black plastic retainer that holds the sinks in place. I did something different as everyone else when they do it. Rather than just clipping off the posts, I used a flat head screw driver on its side and pushed the pin down. I grabbed the pin with pliers and lifted it out. Why did I do it this way? Who knows if I'll need it sometime in the future...

Then I installed the fans. I used the screws that attach the hard drive to the caddy. Before I place the fans on the motherboard, I flipped them up-side-down and worked the screws in the holes a quarter turn at a time until they were threaded in. I used the Thermal grease that came with the Iceberq's. If you notice, I didn't use washers when I screwed in the fans. I did this for 2 reasons. 1) I didn't have any and the nearest hardware store is 2 bus rides away. 2) the mechanical retention is good enough to make a good bond between the copper and the processors. That's good enough for me. They aren't going anywhere.

Continued in Part 2...



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