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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Xbox Laptop - The Case (Pt.2)

Next up was to cut the vent hole.

My first idea was to make it oval shaped. I used the original case jewel as a guide, connected the lines on the top and bottom. I used a dremel to make a series of small holes around the perimeter and then drug the bit from hole to hole to make the final cut.

The hole didn't look right when the motherboard was in place so I decided on a squared hole. It looked better and fit like a glove.

Next was the mesh. I bought a damaged mesh something of another from my work for a buck. I used regular scissors to make the cuts, ruining them forever. (my girlfriend is going to kill me)

I tacked the mesh in 2 corners with hot glue (not pictured) and used the ball end of a few different screw drivers to recess the mesh. That way, when it's in place and flipped, it will be flush with the bottom of the case.

To hold the mesh in place I tacked all 4 corners with hot glue with decent sized gobs. Before the gobs had completely hardened, I mashed them in place. Then I slowly, and deliberately, hot glued the perimeter with a semi-generous amount of hot glue. If you ask me, this sucker isnt going anywhere. (where you goin'... No where.. thats right!)

This next shot is with the motherboard in place.

So there you have it... The vent hole :)

Continued in Part 3...



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